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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dead Meadow @ Red 7 9/26/2014

Red 7


Harsh Toke


Dead Meadow

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video Shoot : Annabelle Chairlegs

Music Video: Annabelle Chairlegs
Video: reel cosmic pictures 
 Above: A still from shoot we did

Below: We wrapped up filming here at the studio and had Lindsey Mackin pose for a few more shots with the ax.

Portrait of a stanger

" I realize why I love her every time she takes her clothes off "

Blain Schreck. Struck up a conversation with Blain, meeting him at The Electric Church. No reason in particular, but I decided to ask him sit for me. Came to the studio the next morning and we had a session over whiskey with a side of real life. I had him sit for me so I could ask questions. He dove into the "wasteland" he calls home and the filth that was waiting for him there. He talked of women an how feeling so close, inside even, was to feel them as if they were a million miles away.