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Enchanted Rock

finally made it out to Enchanted Rock. And finally edited some photos from there.
It was my first time setting out to photograph stars and thought that night time in the middle of no where would be the perfect setting. Not so. 
The Moon was bright, full, and at attention. Something that I didn't anticipate, leaving me with these oddly mid day feeling frames of a seemingly alien landscape, stars an all. Its such a large rock and it's easy to feel diluted in its space that it occupies, making it hard to maintain closeness being dwarfed by this natural, living, breathing, growing giant. But intimacy is just a hike down, intently cuddling in the velvety confines of a ratty tent under the stars on a cool dry night.

Was bored... Took a old brownie camera, removed the single speed shutter an 2 stop aperture, an add a variable speed shutter (bulb-1/100) an a stop-less 11 blade aperture(f/3.5-16). Have a roll of Iliford black an white 400speed 120film that will be feed through it soon.

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