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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Amplified Heat @ Hotel Vegas 1/3/2016

Hotel Vegas
Austin, Tx

Coming back off the road, fresh from Louisiana. Narrowly escaping absolutely nothing in particular... Feeling all stiff an such from the trip decided to cut loose and get live for another night, sufficiently tieing one off proper. How I miss that little city. 

Amplified Heat

Vockah Redu NYE 2016 Saturn Bar

Saturn Bar
New Orleans, La

Funny story... We arrived well after midnight. Celebrated the turn of the year else where. Midway through this set Vockah says "Come on bitches! Its only 12:36!". Blew a my damn brain straight out my gord. For a second I was, and apparently other in my company as well, completely convinced the we had just lived the longest 36 minutes of our lives. Turns out Vockah isn't to proficient in reading digital clocks. 

Vockah Redu

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Crocodile Rock Tour Dec. 28 - Jan 3 2016

"If y'aint floating y'aint living"

Between the whiskey, weed, psychedelics, and amphetamines, its hard to know where to start, or if I even should. Ever get that irresistible notion to up an leave? Just twist up your tangly dramatic roots and dip out? Ever roll the dice and take a chance on an outfit of boozers, smokers, and multi-dimensional time travelers? Who told you? Damn it. Ruin the fucking surprise... Well if you must know. The details are incredibly fuzzy, and unfortunately for you the words escape me, least the ones pertinent to lamenting such a tale. It was quite the existence indeed. Glutinous usage of mind altering implements making us faster, faster, FASTER!!! Then with the others, Slow, slow,sloooooowwww till we melted onto the concrete floors of the greasy booze slanging establishments only to seep into a collective puddle and pour out into the streets together. On to the next, on to the next. Green, white, red, and amber colored fluid, the smell of which seeped from our pours the next morning, fighting off the queasy feelings to gamble with our lives and mortality on the next evenings debauchery. All on black, no, fuck black, make it red. A red red light just bright enough and just red enough to be a constant reminder that you're still crazy and it all can be blamed on you. No,not you, me. Pay attention, will you? It was the little tangy pieces of paper that we slipped onto our tongues. Peeled back the fabric of the universe to examine the inner workings of the mechanism. What we saw was astounding.. What was it? I dont know... Whats with all the questions anyway? Shit, go write your own damn story if it's gonna be like that...
Enjoy the photos either way... There would of been more photos but most of them were takin with my think meat and sight bulbs. Those you don't get to see. (That last little bit wasn't an apology, but more an admission to how live we done got...)  

Satellite Bar
Houston, Tx

Kay Odyssey

The Sun Machine

The Wheel Workers  

Saturn Bar
New Orleans, La

Swamp Ass

The Sun Machine

Kay Odyssey 

Lafayette, La

Kay Odyssey

The Sun Machine

My Place
Lake Charles, La

The Sun Machine

Kay Odyssey