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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yeasayer @ 9:30 Club 5/16/2016

The 9:30 Club
Washington DC


A pretty bitchin evening indeed. Me and Laura finally caught a show after missing live music for so long and what a fuckin show at that. For me they are one of those bands that just stick out. Like I know how damn generic that comes off but really. Any fan is hard pressed to even voice an opinion as to what their sound or sounds could be categorized or labeled as. Me? Uhh... A mashup of what the fuck ever a bit of rock, a bit of new wave, folk, and why the fuck not, a dash of tiribal or world if you will. Like really? What the fucks that? Nothing in particular side from some radical tunes that'll make your own ass infatuated with you for not shakin it. Tell ya what. Insted of me describing it, fuck off an listen to em. They're a touch past describable and will put a cheesin ass grin on ya stupid mug when ya listen.

Shout out to Anand there, thanks for the jaw session after the show. Y'all murdered it.

Shot with a Canon A-1 on Kodak Portra 800 pushed to 3200